Hobby vs Job

February 17th, 2013 § 4 comments


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  • George Todd says:

    As a senior programmer I understand your sentiment. You have articulated something many people don't realise until it's too late and they have their passion destroyed by the relentless yolk of deadlines and politics. You've turned that around into seeing problems as opportunities and that's a mature view. It's the woodcutter's nightmare to see the forest he loves badly managed but he himself is part of the wider ecosystem.

    It's a hard balance, personally I like to explore new ideas and directions because they often prove useful down the line. Yet, at the same time I can only really afford to do so when I've pulled more than my weight. We are here to contribute and make things better, we do this best with a mix of pressures, passion and inspiration. Too much freedom is as destructive as too little. Wish you well!

  • Nassim Amar says:

    Thanks for that reply! And Wish you well too!

  • Hamza Bentahila says:

    Great article! Indeed viewing work as a challenge and an opportunity to grow and better oneself will inevitably lead to success through the abnegation of the "lets do the strict minimum" syndrome which many white collar and cubicle employees suffer from! Another important point you have touched on indirectly, is the fact that people who view their work as more than just "work" and who feel they have a stake in their occupation through seeing their work as a hobby or owning part of the business they work in etc will inherently have this drive to deliver their best on every task! The key resides in finding the right motivating factor depending on each person! 😉

  • Nassim Amar says:

    Great addition! I'm writing an article coming shortly about possibly a new look at motivation and how to make it more deterministic. Motivation is a black-horse because as much as it fuels us, it can also hamper us. Stay tuned! ;^)

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