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What Do You Mean by “Improve”? Well it comes down to dopamine on one level and fullfillment if possible. If our users can experience something pleasurable first, then we have a successful product. REGARDLESS of immediate monetary profits. Some of us will try to dig deeper by adding more meaning to the pleasure. This my friends, gets our product to the fulfillment stage. For example, the final boss fight, leads to the story coming to a beautiful/meaningful moment, that puts things in perspective about the game...Continue Reading "Tampering With The Equation of Pleasure"

I’ve been doing some research recently in Machine Learning. Resurrecting my previous “VertoPellis” project and cleaning up the source data we fed the system. Upon building the voice, we fed it speeches which had echos and high ambient noises.     Research Announcement: VertoPellis (ShapeShifting Technology) #artificialintelligence #code #programming — ɹ∀W∀N (@namar0x0309) March 19, 2016   This resulted in a very difficult learning process as well as grainy/dirty output. I’m quickly fixing that before I move to implementing some form of Recurrent Neural Network...Continue Reading "Rebuilding the Statistical Model with Cleaner Voice"

I’ve been fixing many platform bugs that are related to appstore owners (Apple, Sony, Nintendo etc.) recently… Poez Inc engine has some secure mechanisms which do intra and extra checks on the final product image pre-submission. Some of these checks require information of the final build and with platform owners pushing for evermore portable code, they’re removing the ability to know about the platform. Since Apple is more public than others, let’s put things into context: Apples’ adoption of the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM)...Continue Reading "Bite Sized Post on Bitcode"

It wasn’t long after when I reached my teen years, that my mind decided to overly develop my conscience. Slowly the shadow of guilt of breaking into people’s hardwork was keeping me awake (see pre18 work). I’m sure the game development documentaries shown on such epic and still running channels such as GameOne played a huge part in building empathy with my brethren in other continents (a sample; excuse the french 😉) Respecting the Challenge Having the experience of hacking games, gives not only a mindset...Continue Reading "Dancing With Hackers"

I’ve spent the better part of the day trying various solutions to best implement the gyroscope control scheme in RunawayJRider… I’ve had a few experiences with various gyroscopes throughout the years but steering….. hmmmm that’s a tricky one. At least not from the onset… actually let me rephrase… my first instinct was the eventual solution. Getting the forces applied on the device and using them to increment/decrement an angle value… but that seemed too easy. Track all Axis… Hello Mr. Gimbal If you’ve ever had to...Continue Reading "When In Gyroscope Accelerate"

More Control Schemes Options We finally enabled multiple control schemes! Of the three most requested control schemes by our players are: Arrows (casual mode), Gamepad(hardcore mode) Gyroscope(casual mode) The feature is till being worked out as some gameplay elements have evolved for “Arrows” only mode. As you can see it was all about three buttons. Direction: left/right and backing up. Here is the default “Arrows” mode….. The vehicle automatically accelerated if the back arrow button wasn’t pressed. This is the most popular and accessible option yet...Continue Reading "Controls Schemes & Smash/Pass Obstacles!"