“Project is Prime”

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Having taken part in various groups in a range of disciplines: Rock Band, Software, Business Projects, Sports teams etc. the main pattern or ingredient that has predominantly decided the successful-ness of the execution of a set goal was the principle or might I say, the pillar that “Project is Prime!“*.

As much energy is necessary to attract complex entities, it is greater for humans. Taking the allegorical example of a solar system where the Sun’s gravity keeps its satellites in orbit around it, a group needs to have certain principles that keep the team members from diverging.

As 21th century humans we have taken up individualism to a whole new level; all well and good but not when it hinders tasks that require team work. When a group assembles, the latter converges into a singular entity. Not to deny inevitable frictions in the beginnings of the project, these should lessen as the project matures and the  members should crystallize into an ensemble prior to implementation. An ideal perspective indeed but also unrealistic to expect members to be congruent at all times. The interval at which the incongruity happens should not hamper the collective’s goal. “Project is Prime!” is an essential reminder that acts as a gravitational force for all team members.

Going back to the solar system example, the Sun’s gravity isn’t the only variable keeping its satellites in motion, which brings us to the second principle that is indispensable to the morality of the team: “Rational  Progression“.

Although secondary, it holds many nuggets of wisdom. Every step forward in the project has to be justified with a rational. For example: Joe will challenge the project direction and with the new “idea” will come a rational to appease every team member’s discomfort due to the implied change. Not only does Joe owe it to the team but also to himself. Many ideas stream through one’s head and filtering them  with reason is the ultimate test. Of course this doesn’t mean that having a rational is a motivating variable but at least it’ll lay out any idea or belief clearly on the table for analysis by the originator and his/her team members.

The only exception to the “rational” test would be when last minute decisions have to be made and thorough analysis and discussions about this new idea aren’t feasible due to time constraints. Then team members should rely on the team leader to make the best decision (although it is wiser to close the “creative” door when nearing the deadline of a project).

So to sum it up, the team should gravitate towards the”Project is Prime!” mantra and solidify each feature and idea with a rational that puts all queries to rest, “Rational Progression“.

*I insist on that exclamation mark although the statement is intrinsically exclaimed.