Why do we Fall?

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To be honest, this post is for me as a reminder for every time I hit a road block or a temporary failure, but I’m putting it out into our ethos for others….

So you have fallen, your weakness got the best of you, you weren’t prepared to face that obstacle or just crashed and burned from too much on your shoulders. Oh I can already hear your negative talk starting to sermonize….


“You’re weak”

“You’ll never get to that goal”

“You’re not good enough for her/him”

“You don’t deserve that”

“Just quit”


… … …

Don’t respond, just sit there and let it. In fact it is only through your response that it grows. We always think we can out-think that part of us that is so negative. Why is it there in the first place? Am I crazy?! Are we all?

What if I told you that it is a tool more than anything else. Maybe you are looking at it the wrong way. Maybe it’s not negativity but feedback… Let me explain…

Imagine you didn’t have that critical voice. You wouldn’t have something to keep you in check, give you feedback and advise for balance. Its purpose is to always be critical of everything. In fact it is a very very useful tool, but by responding you are trying to change it. Can you change a hammer into something else? Not without extreme force and then what? You’ll loose the hammer!


(sorry I’ll let myself out… once we finish our entry though!)

So this voice is there and will always be there. Understand where it is coming from. So when you respond to it, more often then not trying to shush it, you are putting its very existence into question! It will hit back by criticizing more to the point of not being constructive anymore!

So where do we stand now? Is it still giving feedback? No… alright so it has passed.

Now is the crucial decision point. Either you endlessly ruminate on what our feedback voice has said or we get up and use this feedback as fuel to go at it again!

The first choice is quite dull to be honest. As a species we get bored real fast so trust me, there is no end to it. The second choice sounds way more interesting! But… I can hear you reluctance. You still have a sour taste in your mouth from the recent failed try. You almost feel jaded to a point that you’re afraid to go out there and open your heart and mind to a new day.

But this is the difference between the beautiful and cynical, the natural and superficial. If you take a moment and look at your biological form you’ll notice that everything renews itself. From your skin, toe nails, hair, organs, everything reinitializes and restarts for a new day. So why wouldn’t you honor this constant renaissance… just that. Even the negative or feedback voice starts anew to keep you in check and help you in your growth…

You complete me

So get back up and remember that failures are there to build us, make us stronger, teach us and help us become more.

And don’t forget….


Always 🙂