Emotion Surfing: Riding the Feels

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You’ve just received an email on a critical thing you vaguely recall, or you are sitting in front of a very important exam. You know that moment when you either get consumed by stress or conquer it!

But how you ask?

Some will say that you have to “slash” it and repress it, for that is the way. Others might even call it quits, and leave in the middle of it. Some will chug on more caffeine while others will make frequent trips to the bathroom… But all these solutions are not sustainable. Don’t get me wrong, they are for the short term. Some have managed to live with them but also have to deal with high stress levels and burnouts.

Does it always have to be this hard? Why why why you emotions have to run me so wild!???


Well there is a very little known fact that could make a crucial difference in dealing with emotions….. But first we need to calm down and relax. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Okay.

You actually have a choice in which emotion you choose to accept and focus on. Every time a new emotion pops up, you can entertain it or let it pass. Think of it as a surfer.

Surfers will paddle to the “hotspot” where waves pick up. They will wait patiently waltzing on the sea’s ups and downs…



…for the perfect wave to ride. Some will be too small, others too big but once the ideal one passes through, they start paddling and surf it!


So how is this related to emotions I hear you ask? (stop thinking out loud! xP).

Emotions are like waves. You are that surfer waiting for the right emotion to ride. You can choose to let the negative and non-constructive ones pass. Then when that right, bright and energetic one comes along, take it!

So to break it down into something actionable, every time a new emotion comes up, you can choose to accept it, then let it pass or accept it, and ride it!