Technology for the Present

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With ever growing automation and practicality, our presence is needed less and less. I urge innovators and entrepreneurs to design their products to require more presence. What do I mean by that?

Exercise the human dimensions.

Firstly the senses: Touch, sounds, smells, visuals and taste.

Second more interaction: we needn’t always have straight path to a function. Why not incorporate back and forth, for example:

– “Hello Siri, can I get to Starbucks?”

– “Oh going for coffee today?”

– “Yes”

– “Which Starbucks again?”

– “Closest, it doesn’t matter”

Of course we don’t want to create unnecessary friction to a functionality but there is a balance there which is just enough to keep the person present in the moment.

There’s more to the subject and I’ll leave that open for further development.