Back To Blogging and C# Mono Runtime Engine Integration

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I’m going to get back to daily blogging (cross my fingers here… hard!)

RunawayJRider Gameplay Adds

The game has taken a huge improvement boost after hiring some art consultants and other “product polishers” 🙂

That being said, there’s much more work to be done in terms of improving gameplay! More game mechanics and making sure they’re balanced in order to keep the dopamine flow at an optimum level 😉

Here’s a little overly done hard-mode experiment (I’m looking at you Dark Souls..)


Poez Inc Game Engine (Windows Refresh)

This weekend I decided to take some time off from RunawayJRider and to cleanup the PoezInc. Game Engine on Windows ecosystem.

The last few months has seen some very heavy investment on the Apple platforms, time to go for platform parity.

imgtec (PowerVR graphics cards on Apple platforms) has stepped up their devkit, last I checked (about a year ago) their SDK was primitive to say the least. They’re heavily investing on delivering an end to end platform for their graphics cards! (I for one am happy… my ego… not so much xP).




Adding C# Runtime Support

This is one of those experiments that could be HUGE! I’m keeping it very simple:

Adding C# runtime into the engine through mono.

In laymen’s term: What Unity Engine does with C# and hot loading of code, I’m adding to the Poez Inc Game engine.

We’ve had some integrated support with LUA and other custom languages but I’ve always yearned for something more instant… hence the runtime.

The other runtime I’ve considered is the v8 engine from google with nice Javascript support, but the whole hippiness surrounding Javascript and its lack of constraint on coding is giving me future headache shivers.


Until the next babbling of syllables!

Nassim Amar