AI Education for children and adults alike

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AI Education and Teaching at the hands of educators and parents is HUGE!

Long gone are the days when hiring private tutors was a cost prohibitive privilege.

Classrooms have many benefits, but they lack the INDIVIDUAL customizations for each child and adult’s learning styles (yes even adults, as learning is a life long process)

From imposter syndrome to dealing with hostile learning environments, AI can be forever “patient” with a learner allowing them to flourish without being shamed or bullied. Truly a “no stupid question” environment that is critical to engender a young mind’s curiosity as well as strength and courage to navigate new horizons of knowledge (I always imagine a 1800s style boat arriving to new shores).

Just to make sure you realize how big this is, the interaction with AI tutors will extend beyond the screen as there will be dynamic discussions on whiteboards (and beyond) to allow full embodied learning (hyper-activity won’t be as much of an issue as learners can get up and physically move through knowledge spaces).

There’s a lot to do in this space and I urge tech makers to focus on improving synergy between humans and AI agents.