With the advent of machine learning and visual recognition it goes without saying that passing graphical information in memory is a more common scenario. This code snippet hopes to help the many queries that try to accomplish it in the Windows ecosystem. Especially going from Win32 to WinRT/UWP world.

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We’re definitely not close to done……. (hold your horses)

Quick documentation of how we’ve made certain decisions to add this feature as quickly as possible.

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I sometimes yearn for the Doom days where hardware was more constrained and more importantly consistent!!! Today it is baseline, to develop on various screen sizes… how dare you complain!
So let’s talk about UI (User interface) and how it  scales with different screen sizes….
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“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” – Albert E.

There is a big focus on “coding” or learning a “skill set” to accomodate this ever evolving exciting economy. Although that is all well and good, the big lack I’m observing is no matter what skill a person has or is learning, is only as powerful as the idea it is striving to materialize.

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There is a growing stigma about “work”. Seen as something that you “give-up” everything else for. An attitude that is quite common on the human collective’s consciousness. Are we inherently not meant to work under deadlines, constraints and stress? Have we not found our passion yet? Or maybe found it, made it our job and are watching it die by every deadline.

I once read that, once you stop seeing work as work but as a default state then it stops being work altogether, mind the paraphrasing if you can.

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