I’ve been doing some research recently in Machine Learning. Resurrecting my previous “VertoPellis” project and cleaning up the source data we fed the system. Upon building the voice, we fed it speeches which had echos and high ambient noises.     Research Announcement: VertoPellis (ShapeShifting Technology) #artificialintelligence #code #programming pic.twitter.com/TqcFOhdbh7 — ɹ∀W∀N (@namar0x0309) March 19, 2016   This resulted in a very difficult learning process as well as grainy/dirty output. I’m quickly fixing that before I move to implementing some form of Recurrent Neural Network...Continue Reading "Rebuilding the Statistical Model with Cleaner Voice"

Increased Playground RunawayJRider is ever evolving and this iteration we’re taking it to a more expansive territory. First thing in order is to increase the play area, namely width of the lanes. The task was supposed to be manual in nature, but as a good lazy programmer, I decided to tag the elements furthest from the center as “boundary” which are dynamically distanced through a variable. This has the benefit of dynamically controlling the play area. We use a dictionary type variable on objects so...Continue Reading "Increased Levels and Gameplay Experimentation"

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