3D Engine and 2D Rasterization Study

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I’ve been doing a study on the process of 3d continuous worlds being rasterized to a discrete 2d surface, this is basically what graphic cards do at the hardware level. I will be writting in Javascript as it is definitely not meant for speed, but for understanding and sharing of the knowledge.

Tech Used: Javascript / HTML5 /Canvas.

Only function that I’m dependent on is SetPixel( x, y ). The latter plots a pixel to a 2d surface. Everything else is managed by the 3d graphics engine and 2d rasterizer.

Source: https://github.com/namar0x0309/RenderingNRasterizing

Since it is anticipated to be lengthy and heavy material, I’ve broken it down into a few sections:

  1. 3d Data Representation
  2. Shading and Texturing
  3. Culling Techniques
  4. 3d Homogeneous Projections
  5. Rasterization of Projected Polygons

The above entries will be linkable as I finish each section!