More Control Schemes Options We finally enabled multiple control schemes! Of the three most requested control schemes by our players are: Arrows (casual mode), Gamepad(hardcore mode) Gyroscope(casual mode) The feature is till being worked out as some gameplay elements have evolved for “Arrows” only mode. As you can see it was all about three buttons. Direction: left/right and backing up. Here is the default “Arrows” mode….. The vehicle automatically accelerated if the back arrow button wasn’t pressed. This is the most popular and accessible option yet...Continue Reading "Controls Schemes & Smash/Pass Obstacles!"

Increased Playground RunawayJRider is ever evolving and this iteration we’re taking it to a more expansive territory. First thing in order is to increase the play area, namely width of the lanes. The task was supposed to be manual in nature, but as a good lazy programmer, I decided to tag the elements furthest from the center as “boundary” which are dynamically distanced through a variable. This has the benefit of dynamically controlling the play area. We use a dictionary type variable on objects so...Continue Reading "Increased Levels and Gameplay Experimentation"

That was going to be a tweet, but then I realized I had a tad more than 140 characters to express it 🙂 I’ll try to keep this to my own personal life and you can take what you will (being humble and not over generalizing ;)) I realize that in my life I focus too much on consistency. Why? To improve productivity and focus on keeping the only thing inconsistent, which is self-improvement or self-actualization. It is relatively easier to do this than before as...Continue Reading "Adding Noise To Consistency"

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